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About Me

A little about Mariah Gomez

My name is Mariah and I have been a makeup artist for 5 years now. Every day I feel so fortunate to do something that I am passionate about. While makeup is my medium, I’m mostly motivated about health, wellness, and people. In my free time I am a full-time dual degree Pharm.D/MBA student at the University of New Mexico.

Giving my time continuously reminds me of the value of investing my time and strength in others. I strive to make every interaction one of positivity and growth. My goal with my clients is to help them feel relaxed and beautiful inside and out. When I’m done I want you to feel supported and inspired. I am so thankful for everyone who has ever hired me, worked with me, supported me, and inspired me.

I am always accepting new clients. I would love to connect with all of you over social media. My social media links are on my contat page!


Makeup Mariah will provide exceptional makeup artistry services while only using products that inspire beautiful skin so that women everywhere can feel look and feel their best.


Makeup Mariah strives to provide exceptional makeup artistry at a competitive rate without compromising quality, integrity or professionalism. We exist to build confidence while gifting our clients with a luxuriously memorable experience.


Beauty begins from within. We are committed to inspire women to look and feel their best by enhancing each client’s natural beauty through exceptional makeup artistry. Our hallmark is professionalism, which is the heart of our practice. We believe that each and every makeup application should be a rich and memorable experience that allows women everywhere to feel confident in their unique inner and outer beauty.

Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Lifelong commitment
  • Honor and respect
  • Personal and intellectual growth
  • Philanthropic service to others
  • Sincere friendship
Mariah Gomez Makeup Artist
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